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Compliant UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations sample packaging for COVID-19

Added: 3 Dec 2020

All COVID-19 test samples fall under the UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations because they may contai…

Science in space: laboratory microbiologist turned astronaut

Added: 26 Nov 2020

For nearly 20 years, astronauts have continuously lived and worked on the International Space Stati…

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't end with a viable vaccine but with a vaccinated population

Added: 19 Nov 2020

With a potential finishing line suddenly appearing over the horizon, getting competitors to the end…

Selecting the right sterile cleanroom clothing solution for compliance with EU GMP Annex I

Added: 23 Oct 2020

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The new EU GMP Annex I guidelines will require sterile product manufacturers to …

The great vaccine paradox

Added: 3 Aug 2020

by Dermot Martin

What happens if the best defence against a virus develops an image problem? As we…

GSK partners CRISPR discoverer to develop rapid COVID-19 test

Added: 5 Jun 2020

Gene editor turns gene detective: Dermot Martin investigates a successful COVID-19 test development…

What’s your poison?

Sarah Lawton | Added: 11 May 2020

Why are so many drugs derived from natural sources on the market to treat human disease? Venom-mast…

Beyond the code

Added: 22 Jul 2019

Genomics has been revolutionary – but have we forgotten cell biology in the push for an ever more r…