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Leading chemical and utility firms join RSC polymer sustainability task force

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has announced four leading industry recruits have joined its Sustainable Polymers in Liquid Formulation (PLFs) task force.

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Electron diffraction: A technique suggesting radically new things

Crystallography mainly relies on diffraction techniques and the most recent of them, electron diffraction, is gaining increasing attention. Dr Eric Hovestreydt discusses why nanocrystallography using…

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Industry 4.0 for UK chem labs

In advance of her talk as part of the Lab News hosted session at CHEMUK 2022, Iwona Kandpal looks at driving innovation in UK chemical labs in small and medium enterprises through the adoption of com…


How to gain Chinese regulation compliance

Dr Paul Orange outlines the project which led to his involvement in the new Chinese battery protocol regulations. In response to customer demand, he led an initiative that ensured all equipment under…

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Biodegradable Microbowls

Biodegradable Microbowls by Tayo Sanders II from the University of Oxford. Many tumours lack an extensive network of blood vessels, making it difficult for anti-tumour drugs to reach their deeper reg…