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ESA opens calls for ISS lab upgrade

The European Space Agency is looking for industry help to upgrade the Columbus laboratory aboard the International Space Station.


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Reproducibility comes as standard (part 2)

Science's reproducibility crisis is a big challenge and one that needs to be overcome quickly. In the second of a two-part feature on the subject, Rationally CEO Kristin Lindquist  explains that the …

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Singing the praises of odd numbers

Annoy peer reviewers and create an inclusive numerical policy? It’s a win win for Dr Matthew Partridge in his quest to right a numerical wrong… 


Playing it for laughs

We catch-up with presenter, comedian and science outreacher extraordinaire Helen Arney to talk stand-up, singing and cabaret.

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Water droplet

This amazing image – Crack Patterns I, by Thomas Séon – shows a water droplet falling onto a silicon substrate at -36°C...