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“Let’s not wait another 100 years to collaborate” appeals President of The Pistoia Alliance

The breakthroughs in vaccine development that have been achieved in just ten months clearly demonstrate the value of working together across biopharma and how collaboration can produce hugely valuabl…


Successful AI and ML framework for repurposing drug candidates

Researchers apply causal inference theory and deep learning algorithms to sort through confounding data and successfully pinpoint drug candidates for treatment repurposing. The new framework enables …

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The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't end with a viable vaccine but with a vaccinated population

With a potential finishing line suddenly appearing over the horizon, getting competitors to the end of this global SARS-CoV-2 vaccine race depends as much on the condition of the track and the riders…

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Inhouse genetic analysis

Here, Dr Philip Hargreaves (business development) and Gabriela Saldanha (product management) discuss the drivers and lessons learned behind Promega’s successful development collaboration with Hitachi…

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Chameleon embryo

This incredible image was awarded ‘Honorable Mention status in the 2018 Nikon Small World competition.