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Pistoia initiative seeks to counter slow take-up of animal free testing

More than three quarters of R&D respondents to a new survey by the global Pistoia Alliance say they do not use in vitro cell-based alternatives to animal testing, it has been revealed.

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How to minimise the risk of cross-contamination in laboratories

Cross-contamination is a major concern for any laboratory and can lead to false and inaccurate results. Andrew Powers discusses how to mitigate the risk of potential time and resource losses due to c…

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Purpose before profit: Antonia Seymour, IOPP

IOPP’s Antonia Seymour outlines why the publisher has joined forces with AIP Publishing and the American Physical Society (APS) to create the Purpose-Led Publishing coalition and argues this better s…


Science, in the cause of justice

Dame Sue Black shares her thoughts on forensic science, its uses and limitations, the impact of modern technologies and offers a steer to those seeking to follow in her footsteps.