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Astrophotography: new tech for the ‘New Astronomy’

Space tourism remains out of reach for most, but Laurent Marfisi looks at how smart telescopes, astrophotography, the New Astronomy movement, and the New Space industry are helping amateur astronomer…

Comment And Analysis

Turning drought into opportunity

Mineral physics can help provide a solution to water shortage and its applications may not be limited only to our own world, suggests Sabrina Lautin.


The hidden power of mathematics

As she gets set to tread the boards for the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Dr Hannah Fry talks romantic maths, AI and Rubik's cubes…  

Focal Point

Spectacular image of the Rosette Nebula

This spectacular image is of the Rosette Nebula and is in the direction of the constellation Monoceros about 5,000 Light Years away from Earth.