UK vaccine capability enjoys a >£100M cash boost

The UK is at the forefront of international efforts to research and develop a COVID-19 vaccine and has provided £131 million funding to University of Oxford and Imperial College London to accelerate …

In Depth

More gain, less pain with liquid biopsies

Following on from a previous article; Liquid Gold, published on 21 January 2019, Dermot Martin revisits the topic of liquid biopsies in the post pandemic era in the light of problems with cancer diag…

Comment And Analysis

AI transformation in a post-pandemic world

Ross Upton considers how COVID-19 is driving the use of AI to protect and transform public health now and, potentially, into the future…


Encapsulating the COVID-19 vaccine race: the investor

Having worked with Stabilitech in various capacities over the past decade, Colin Maltby, Director of First Sentinel was uniquely positioned to understand the depth and breadth of the COVID-19 vaccine…

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Flea bacteria

This digitally colourised scanning electron microscopic image depicts a number of yellow  Yersinia pestis bacteria.