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Graphene device bridges the terahertz gap

Added: 5 Feb 2020

Researchers have used graphene to create a device which will unlock the elusive terahertz wavelengt…

NHS must research more for patient safety

Added: 8 Jan 2020

A New report from The Academy of Medical Sciences suggests that patient care is in jeopardy because…

Bioimaging collaboration takes on viral disease

Added: 9 Dec 2019

A new institute collaboration will allow scientists to study viral diseases in greater detail.

Ultra-fine particles linked to brain cancer

Added: 14 Nov 2019

Air pollution nanoparticles have been linked to brain cancer for the first time.

AMR Centre nominates MBL inhibitor

Added: 11 Nov 2019

The AMR Centre has nominated a preclinical candidate molecule for its programme to overcome resista…

Mogrify raises $16M for cell therapy

Added: 18 Oct 2019

Biotechnology company Mogrify has raised an additional $16 million to develop its cell therapy prog…

Wellcome Trust on the hunt for best public engagement

Added: 16 Oct 2019

The Wellcome Trust has launched an initiative to find the best examples of public engagement projec…

Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded for cell research

Added: 7 Oct 2019

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to three researchers for their discoveri…

AMR threat found in urban beaches

Added: 2 Oct 2019

An Australian study has found elevated levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ABR) in public beac…

Nanolaser functions inside living human tissue

Added: 26 Sep 2019

A US team has developed a nanolaser that can operate in confined spaces such as quantum circuits, m…

Procarta awarded £7.4M for microbial treatment

Added: 23 Sep 2019

Biotechnology company Procarta Biosystems will receive up to £7.4 million to develop a new class of…

PM reintroduces graduate visa

Added: 18 Sep 2019

A new work visa introduced by Boris Johnson’s government will allow international science students …

US environmental agency to end animal testing by 2035

Added: 18 Sep 2019

The US Environmental Protection Agency will phase out animal testing of chemical products by 2035, …

Seven virtual data hubs to boost health R&D

Added: 13 Sep 2019

The UK government is funding seven new virtual data-sharing hubs to help develop new treatments for…

Scotland plans lung cancer biomarker rollout

Added: 11 Sep 2019

A NHS-backed trial in Scotland using blood biomarkers to detect early signs of lung cancer four yea…

Rhamnolipids show promise in AMR fight

Added: 11 Sep 2019

Small biosurfactant molecules known as rhamnolipids could be the key to ending antibiotic resistanc…

Intestinal microbiota shows potential as diagnostic tool

Added: 10 Sep 2019

The composition of intestinal microbiology can influence chances of developing bowel cancer, resear…

AI biomarker predicts heart attacks

Added: 5 Sep 2019

A new AI-powered imaging biomarker is said to predict hearts attacks at least five years before the…

Medipath adds AI diagnostics to pathology labs

Added: 5 Sep 2019

AI diagnostics company Ibex Medical Analytics has partnered Medipath, the largest network of privat…

WHO joins Plan S

Added: 3 Sep 2019

The World Health Organisation has become the first United Nations agency to join Plan S, the global…