Food and Drink


Moving from 'Use by' to 'Best before' dates: participate in the project

Many producers have elected to display 'Best before' in place of 'Use by' dates on fresh pasteurised milk products. A decision that has the potential to dramatically reduce consumer waste of fresh mi…

In Depth

Food forensics: how AI can smell authentic olive oil

Extra virgin olive (EVO) oils are highly complex. Here, Prof Chiara Cordero discusses the application of an AI smelling machine to analyse, qualify, categorise, and authenticate olive oil and counter…


We’ll drink to that

Dr Leonardo Chiappisi and Dr Isabelle Grillo are fascinated with the popular Italian liquor limoncello and its distinct milky appearance. But how, exactly, could this help them develop speciality che…

Focal Point

Pork tapeworm

This coloured scanning electron micrograph of the head of a pork tapeworm – Taenia solium – shows the hooks it uses to cling to its host.