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Win: Bloom

From food to fuel, fertiliser and plastic production, Kassinger charts the applications of algae and meets the algae innovators working towards a more sustainable future.  


Drought-resistant cereal gene isolated

Plant scientists have identified a gene responsible for drought resistance in barley that could lead to more drought resistant crops.

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An edit for good?

Gene editing could allow incredible crop improvements, with the potential to reduce the harmful impact of agrochemicals on biodiversity while boosting yield. However, the recent European Court of Jus…

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Celebrating the improbable

Another year, another heart-warming evening commemorating the silly, unusual and often random side of science.


We’ll drink to that

Dr Leonardo Chiappisi and Dr Isabelle Grillo are fascinated with the popular Italian liquor limoncello and its distinct milky appearance. But how, exactly, could this help them develop speciality che…

Focal Point

Pork tapeworm

This coloured scanning electron micrograph of the head of a pork tapeworm – Taenia solium – shows the hooks it uses to cling to its host.