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Royal Assent opens door to gene edited food in UK 

The granting of Royal Assent for the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act has finally opened the door for the commercial development of gene-edited food in England.


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Food forensics: how AI can smell authentic olive oil

Extra virgin olive (EVO) oils are highly complex. Here, Prof Chiara Cordero discusses the application of an AI smelling machine to analyse, qualify, categorise, and authenticate olive oil and counter…

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Sustainably feeding the world with genomics-driven agriculture

As cell meat manufacture develops in the lab, science is increasingly impacting arable farming in the field. Agrigenomics seeks to transition production to counter climate and population pressures, o…


Five things you learn from working in cleanrooms

Want to avoid committing a serious faux pas before you start working in cleanrooms? That would be highly advisable says Lizzy Huitson as she takes us through her top tips…