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An ode to imagination

Added: 15 Jan 2020

Frustrated by siloed science, Dr Jennifer Rohn bemoans the lack of cross-disciplinary imagination t…

Five things you learn from working in cleanrooms

Added: 19 Aug 2019

Want to avoid committing a serious faux pas before you start working in cleanrooms? That would be h…

In his element

Added: 29 Jul 2019

We spoke to astrobiologist Robert Hazen whose new book, Symphony in C, draws parallels between carb…

Just play the game

Added: 10 Jun 2019

Games have never been more popular – but can they really help in the teaching of science? You bet y…

One man’s trash

Evoluted New Media | Added: 7 Mar 2019

Plastics have become a deeply worrying environmental issue, but it is unlikely that demand will dro…

Using science to change our world

Evoluted New Media | Added: 24 Oct 2018

As the Royal Institution sets it sights on expanding the public understanding of science, we hear f…

The art of taking things apart

Evoluted New Media | Added: 23 Oct 2018

Science presenter, broadcaster and even physical phenomena namer… we spent a minute with Steve Moul…

A weight off your mind

Evoluted New Media | Added: 7 Aug 2018

Fiona Auty explains why the National Physical Laboratory is going to the immense trouble of redefin…

Taking on the resistance

Evoluted New Media | Added: 12 Jan 2018

It is no secret that there is a desperate need for a response to antimicrobial resistance, so what …

Plastic (not so) fantastic

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Jan 2018

Microplastic pollution of the oceans is a deadly ecological problem, yet oddly we cant find 99% of …

Heart of glass

Evoluted New Media | Added: 12 Jan 2017

Paul Le Pinnet is SOG Group’s Chief Scientific Glassblower. He is a fellow of The British Society o…

A hole new approach

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Dec 2015

Jemma Rowlandson tells us how nanoporous materials are set to take on the world, and win

Mind on matter - Mark Miodownik speaks up for Materials Science

Evoluted New Media | Added: 14 Sep 2015

Professor Mark Miodownik, Materials Scientist, Engineer and Broadcaster tells us about his current …