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(A)I must insist

Added: 10 Feb 2020

In a data-rich research landscape – only a mix of man and machine will give us hope of extracting k…

Graphene device bridges the terahertz gap

Added: 5 Feb 2020

Researchers have used graphene to create a device which will unlock the elusive terahertz wavelengt…

Getting into the lab, via the stomach

Added: 26 Jan 2020

Of all the incentives lab supply companies have in their arsenal – there is one guaranteed way they…

The final frontier of environmental science

Added: 23 Jan 2020

As environmental concerns reach fever pitch – aviation is increasingly in the spotlight. But so far…

Catching the elusive neutrino

Added: 16 Jan 2020

From seeing a blackhole form to understanding antimatter… neutrinos could hold the keys to them all…

An ode to imagination

Added: 15 Jan 2020

Frustrated by siloed science, Dr Jennifer Rohn bemoans the lack of cross-disciplinary imagination t…

Combinatorial look at black holes a decade away

Added: 14 Jan 2020

A new study by a group of researchers at the University of Birmingham has found that collisions of …

Pioneering citizen science project celebrates 10th year

Added: 8 Jan 2020

The citizen science platform, Zooniverse, is celebrating its 10thanniversary.

The hidden power of mathematics

Added: 12 Dec 2019

As she gets set to tread the boards for the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Dr Hannah Fry tal…

Bioimaging collaboration takes on viral disease

Added: 9 Dec 2019

A new institute collaboration will allow scientists to study viral diseases in greater detail.

Quantum physics AI speeds up drug discovery

Added: 9 Dec 2019

An international collaboration has seen a team using Artificial Intelligence normally used to predi…

Just good sense

Added: 29 Nov 2019

Síle  Lane is on a mission to challenge misrepresentation of science and evidence. She is leading t…

Why we need a science of science

Added: 25 Nov 2019

At the launch of a new initiative to understand how research is funded, practiced and evaluated, Pr…

Curiosity rover reveals oxygen spikes on Mars

Added: 15 Nov 2019

Readings from NASA’s Curiosity rover have revealed a surprising jump in oxygen in the Martian atmos…

Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em think…

Added: 11 Nov 2019

The Ig Nobel awards ceremony is a highlight of the scientific calendar with its celebration of unco…

EPSRC funds new nuclear robotics facility

Added: 8 Nov 2019

EPSRC is funding for a new national facility that will support nuclear robotics R&D across four ins…

Time to reconcile science and philosophy

Added: 4 Nov 2019

Despite close historical ties, philosophy and science have had a bumpy relationship in the modern e…

Ultra low-mass black hole uncovered

Added: 1 Nov 2019

Astrophysicists say they have discovered evidence of the smallest black hole ever detected – just 3…

Rivals question Google’s quantum supremacy claim

Added: 28 Oct 2019

Google researchers claimed quantum supremacy last week, shortly followed by rebuke from its rivals.

Seeing into a black heart

Added: 28 Oct 2019

Big problems need big solutions and can, on occasion, lead to big successes. Such it is with one of…