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Medipath adds AI diagnostics to pathology labs

Added: 5 Sep 2019

AI diagnostics company Ibex Medical Analytics has partnered Medipath, the largest network of privat…

Scaled-down reactor turns greenhouse gas into fuel

Added: 4 Sep 2019

A newly-developed reactor containing a 2D catalyst is able to covert atmospheric CO2 into pure liqu…

Ghost of science future

Added: 2 Sep 2019

Well, here we are. Four months from the completion of the second decade in the third millennium.

Forensics in crisis?

Added: 2 Sep 2019

A drop in forensics R&D funding and no central body for forensics services is putting justice in je…

International research projects get £3.6M

Added: 29 Aug 2019

Research England has divvied up £3.6 million for eight research institutions in the UK to help fund…

Calcium ion used as micro engine

Added: 23 Aug 2019

Theoretical physicists have used the intrinsic angular momentum of a calcium ion to effectively tur…

Knowing a lot about very little

Added: 19 Aug 2019

The potential of nanomedicine to tackle many diseases is immense, but we really don’t know much abo…

Five things you learn from working in cleanrooms

Added: 19 Aug 2019

Want to avoid committing a serious faux pas before you start working in cleanrooms? That would be h…

EPSRC funds bandage sensor tech

Added: 13 Aug 2019

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has given engineers £360,000 to develop …

Advancing a technical career

Added: 12 Aug 2019

Is your team motivated, professional, adaptable, connected, and competent?

Brexit: No-deal is a bad deal for UK science

Added: 9 Aug 2019

In a video livestreamed from his desk at Downing Street on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson a…

Leeds creates thinnest 2D gold

Added: 8 Aug 2019

University of Leeds scientists have claimed first fabrication of freestanding 2D gold with a sub‐na…

Game Theory: Linkage

Added: 5 Aug 2019

Games have never been more popular and in their column the newest recruits to the Lab News team, Dr…

Reproducibility comes as standard (part 2)

Added: 5 Aug 2019

Science's reproducibility crisis is a big challenge and one that needs to be overcome quickly. In t…

Imperial develops fluorescent artificial cell

Added: 31 Jul 2019

Imperial College London has created an artificial cell that fluoresces when it detects chemical cha…

Quantum microphone measures phonons

Added: 30 Jul 2019

A quantum microphone that measures individual sound particles has the potential to create more comp…

Eye-controlled contact lenses

Added: 29 Jul 2019

Biomechanical engineers have created a robotic lens that allows the wearer to focus on an image thr…

Reproducibility comes as standard (part 1)

Added: 29 Jul 2019

Science's reproducibility crisis is a big challenge and one that needs to be overcome quickly. In t…

Reproducibility crisis

Added: 23 Jul 2019

Inadequate reporting, variability in reagents and the pressure to publish all contribute to the rep…

Glorious celebration of imposters

Added: 17 Jun 2019

Ever wondered, despite all your scientific expertise, if you’ll be uncovered as a fraud? Don’t worr…