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Science in space: laboratory microbiologist turned astronaut

For nearly 20 years, astronauts have continuously lived and worked on the International Space Station (ISS), testing technologies, performing science and developing the skills needed to explore farth…


Extracting a novel biochemical reservoir from between our skin cells

We're all used to the fact that there is so much more to learn about how our own bodies work, but it is still surprising to hear that a team of researchers has developed a techique to safely extract …

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#DryLabsRealScience: Teaching practicals without labs

Wondering how to teach wet science, forensics and laboratory best practice remotely? Or have you already found an engaging solution you are happy to share? Here Ian Turner, Professor in Learning and …


Developing the next-generation genomics toolkit

Bob Daber from Genosity and Michael Wong from EPAM unveil the secrets behind the Integrated Genomics Toolkit (IGT), a comprehensive software solution that enables laboratories to leverage next-genera…