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Win: Every Breath You Take

Added: 11 Nov 2019

Air quality specialist Dr Mark Broomfield combines the latest research with personal insight to ans…

GNA Biosolutions raises $13.5M

Added: 12 Aug 2019

GNA Biosolutions has secured $13.5 million from its Series C funding round to advance development a…

Porous rocks support prebiotic evolution theory

Added: 7 Aug 2019

The water-air interface found at pores in volcanic rocks could have been the location of the chemic…

3D-printed collagen forms functioning heart parts

Added: 6 Aug 2019

A new bioprinting method allows anyone to 3D-print functioning components of the human heart.

Game Theory: Linkage

Added: 5 Aug 2019

Games have never been more popular and in their column the newest recruits to the Lab News team, Dr…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…

Alderley Park to run Japanese AMR therapy

Added: 23 Jul 2019

Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi is out-licensing its anti-virulence therapy to the AMR Cen…

Beyond the code

Added: 22 Jul 2019

Genomics has been revolutionary – but have we forgotten cell biology in the push for an ever more r…

3.52M scientific procedures on animals in Britain last year

Added: 19 Jul 2019

Government figures reveal there has been a decrease in the number of scientific procedures carried …

BioCity announces golden triangle accelerator

Added: 18 Jul 2019

Life sciences business incubator BioCity has partnered Oxford Academic Health Science Network for a…