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11,000 scientists declare climate emergency

Added: 6 Nov 2019

More than 11,000 scientist signatories support new a paper warning of “untold human suffering” that…

UK government withdraws fracking support

Added: 4 Nov 2019

The government has withdrawn its support of fracking in England until further scientific evidence i…

Wellcome Trust on the hunt for best public engagement

Added: 16 Oct 2019

The Wellcome Trust has launched an initiative to find the best examples of public engagement projec…

Deep Carbon Observatory quantifies carbon emissions

Added: 8 Oct 2019

Humanity’s annual carbon emissions are between 40 to 100 times greater than all volcanic emissions,…

AMR threat found in urban beaches

Added: 2 Oct 2019

An Australian study has found elevated levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ABR) in public beac…

SERC experiments show CO2 stunts wetlands

Added: 27 Sep 2019

While CO2 is essential for plant growth, excessive CO2 in the atmosphere is stunting growth in mars…

PM reintroduces graduate visa

Added: 18 Sep 2019

A new work visa introduced by Boris Johnson’s government will allow international science students …

Simple, beautiful, classic: MIT creates blackest black material

Added: 16 Sep 2019

Engineers have claimed a new record for the blackest material ever created.

eDNA project launches first sampling event

Added: 12 Sep 2019

An international environmental DNA project that uses citizen science to monitor waterways has start…

First evidence of water discovered on exoplanet

Added: 12 Sep 2019

For the first time, water vapour has been detected in the atmosphere a planet outside our solar sys…

Scalable membrane could filter greenhouse gases

Added: 11 Sep 2019

A new membrane filtration could be used to separate greenhouse gases from waste emissions on an ind…

$5.8M for renewable photocatalytic converter

Added: 10 Sep 2019

Houston-based plasmonics company Syzygy has raised $5.8 million to develop its eco-friendly photoca…

Drought-resistant cereal gene isolated

Added: 2 Sep 2019

Plant scientists have identified a gene responsible for drought resistance in barley that could lea…

Oldest parasitic DNA found in coprolite

Added: 28 Aug 2019

The oldest parasite DNA ever recorded has been discovered in fossilised puma faeces.

BES plans ‘double blind’ peer review trial

Added: 23 Aug 2019

The British Ecological Society has announced it will be conducting a randomised trial to determine …

Oldest stegosaur found in Morocco

Added: 21 Aug 2019

Remains of the oldest stegosaur, dating to the Middle Jurassic period, have been found in Morocco.

Porous rocks support prebiotic evolution theory

Added: 7 Aug 2019

The water-air interface found at pores in volcanic rocks could have been the location of the chemic…

Ozone smog will get worse with climate change

Added: 25 Jul 2019

Rising temperatures due to climate change will increase concentrations of ozone in the air to dange…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…

Joshua tree faces extinction

Added: 17 Jul 2019

Climate change could be responsible for the near extinction of Joshua trees by the end of this cent…