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Molecular clues to long-term memory storage

Added: 14 Jan 2020

A new study could shed light on the molecular changes behind the memory storage process – specifica…

Combinatorial look at black holes a decade away

Added: 14 Jan 2020

A new study by a group of researchers at the University of Birmingham has found that collisions of …

Ancient global warming puzzle solved

Added: 14 Jan 2020

Scientists from Cardiff University have shed new light on the Earth’s climate behaviour during the …

Pioneering citizen science project celebrates 10th year

Added: 8 Jan 2020

The citizen science platform, Zooniverse, is celebrating its 10thanniversary.

New carbon nanotube source relief for nanotech community

Added: 8 Jan 2020

A new method of producing carbon nanotubescould have solved a growing problem in the field of carbo…

NHS must research more for patient safety

Added: 8 Jan 2020

A New report from The Academy of Medical Sciences suggests that patient care is in jeopardy because…

Telecom laser used to study atoms

Added: 16 Dec 2019

New work from French metrologists could allow astronomers to learn much about the physical processe…

Wheat yields only 60% of what they could be

Added: 16 Dec 2019

New work from agricultural institute Rothamsted Research shows that, in some European countries, th…

Genetic lifespan ‘clock’ discovered

Added: 16 Dec 2019

At team of geneticists have created a new model of estimating the lifespans of vertebrates, includi…

New crop antibiotics – without damaging the environment

Added: 9 Dec 2019

UK scientists think they have a new way to protect crops from a widespread and devastating bacteria…

Bioimaging collaboration takes on viral disease

Added: 9 Dec 2019

A new institute collaboration will allow scientists to study viral diseases in greater detail.

Quantum physics AI speeds up drug discovery

Added: 9 Dec 2019

An international collaboration has seen a team using Artificial Intelligence normally used to predi…

E.coli engineered to consume CO2

Added: 28 Nov 2019

Synthetic biologists have engineered an autotrophic form of bacteria.

Carbon nanotubes grown on newsprint

Added: 26 Nov 2019

Your old copies of Lab News may still have some unexpected uses in the lab…

Ethiopian ponds too extreme even for microbes

Added: 25 Nov 2019

European biologists have confirmed the one place on Earth where conditions are too extreme for life…

Curiosity rover reveals oxygen spikes on Mars

Added: 15 Nov 2019

Readings from NASA’s Curiosity rover have revealed a surprising jump in oxygen in the Martian atmos…

Ultra-fine particles linked to brain cancer

Added: 14 Nov 2019

Air pollution nanoparticles have been linked to brain cancer for the first time.

AMR Centre nominates MBL inhibitor

Added: 11 Nov 2019

The AMR Centre has nominated a preclinical candidate molecule for its programme to overcome resista…

EPSRC funds new nuclear robotics facility

Added: 8 Nov 2019

EPSRC is funding for a new national facility that will support nuclear robotics R&D across four ins…

Wellcome leads genome-mapping project

Added: 8 Nov 2019

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is among 10 organisations that are part of a project to map genomes o…