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Win: Bloom

Added: 17 Sep 2019

From food to fuel, fertiliser and plastic production, Kassinger charts the applications of algae an…

Advancing a technical career

Added: 12 Aug 2019

Is your team motivated, professional, adaptable, connected, and competent?

Reproducibility comes as standard (part 1)

Added: 29 Jul 2019

Science's reproducibility crisis is a big challenge and one that needs to be overcome quickly. In t…

In his element

Added: 29 Jul 2019

We spoke to astrobiologist Robert Hazen whose new book, Symphony in C, draws parallels between carb…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…

Symphony in C

Added: 22 Jul 2019

Composed in four movements, Symphony in C explores carbon’s multifaceted characteristics and its ro…

Pea gin reduces CO2 emissions

Added: 12 Jul 2019

Alcohol fermented from the starch of peas instead of wheat could offer a greener form of gin produc…

National Trust ends fossil fuel investments

Added: 4 Jul 2019

The National Trust has revealed that it will cease investment in fossil fuel companies in the inter…

Bringing artificial leaves out of the lab

Evoluted New Media | Added: 1 Mar 2019

Artificial leaves that mimic photosynthesis and convert CO2 to fuel could be brought out of the lab…

Renewable energy branches out

Evoluted New Media | Added: 4 Dec 2017

A team from the US have found a way to convert one of the World’s most abundant polymer – lignin –i…

New ‘supermolecule’ created to decontaminate water supplies

Evoluted New Media | Added: 26 Apr 2017

Researchers at the University of Surrey have produced a method of detecting and removing contaminan…

Carbon based filters offer hope for Fukushima clean up

Evoluted New Media | Added: 8 Feb 2017

Researchers from Russia and the US have discovered a method to extract radioactive elements from co…

Elemental discovery points to history of water on Mars

Evoluted New Media | Added: 19 Dec 2016

Boron has been detected for the first time on planet Mars, indicating the presence of long-term gro…

Space mission to measure biomass step closer to lift-off

Evoluted New Media | Added: 26 May 2016

A mission to measure the Earth’s biomass is closer to launch after a contract to build its necessar…

Study offers hope for cleaning radioactive water

Evoluted New Media | Added: 22 Apr 2016

US scientists have discovered a new chemical method to immobilise uranium in contaminated groundwat…

Lead exposure can affect children’s sleep

Evoluted New Media | Added: 16 Dec 2015

Lead exposure in early childhood can increase the risk for sleep problems, new study finds.

Can pollen make it rain?

Evoluted New Media | Added: 10 Jun 2015

Researchers have discovered that broken pollen particles can trigger cloud formation.!--more--


The rise of new ozone-damaging gases

Evoluted New Media | Added: 9 Mar 2015

Short lived gases - previously thought to have little effect on the environment - can contribute to…

Extremophile key to nuclear waste disposal

Evoluted New Media | Added: 19 Sep 2014

A subterranean bacterium could solve the problem of how to dispose of nuclear waste say researchers…

Rock breaking research offers insight into fracking

Evoluted New Media | Added: 2 Sep 2014

In a ground breaking discovery, geologists have discovered what else escapes from fractured shale o…