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Selecting the right sterile cleanroom clothing solution for compliance with EU GMP Annex I

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The new EU GMP Annex I guidelines will require sterile product manufacturers to adopt a more stringent approach to reducing contamination risks. In this article, Franck Bureth, EME…

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Fast-tracking nanovaccines to fight coronavirus

Today, there are more than 150 COVID-19 vaccines in the race to mitigate the virus.1-3 Some of these vaccines have already reached Phase III clinical trials in less than a year; an unprecedented time…


Five things you learn from working in cleanrooms

Want to avoid committing a serious faux pas before you start working in cleanrooms? That would be highly advisable says Lizzy Huitson as she takes us through her top tips… 

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Biodegradable Microbowls

Biodegradable Microbowls by Tayo Sanders II from the University of Oxford. Many tumours lack an extensive network of blood vessels, making it difficult for anti-tumour drugs to reach their deeper reg…