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Ethiopian ponds too extreme even for microbes

European biologists have confirmed the one place on Earth where conditions are too extreme for life to exist.

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A bad acid trip

Ocean acidifcation, the lesser known relative of global warming, causes particular damage to coral reefs. Christopher Cornwall and Steeve Comeau take us through the algal ‘glue’ at the heart of these…

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The greenest lab equipment?

I love my job. The main reason is that I help labs save vast amounts of money whilst fighting climate change. 


A real chemical showman

Science populariser and chemist extraordinaire Andrea Sella will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Lab Innovations. We caught up with him to talk brave graduate students, historical apparatus and t…

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Water droplet

This amazing image – Crack Patterns I, by Thomas Séon – shows a water droplet falling onto a silicon substrate at -36°C...