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Unveiling the twist in cell-to-cell signal transport using cryogenic electron microscopy

It seems chemical signals move through cells in a similarly controlled fashion to shoppers moving through a shopping centre; by using elevators. Using a form of high-resolution microscopy called cryo…

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Excellent standards drive commercial demand in bioproduction

Protein biochemist, Dr Bernd Gerhartz, tells the story of how he and his team established a new strategy, development workflow and QC process to provide consistent, high-quality bioactive proteins to…

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“Let’s not wait another 100 years to collaborate” appeals President of The Pistoia Alliance

The breakthroughs in vaccine development that have been achieved in just ten months clearly demonstrate the value of working together across biopharma and how collaboration can produce hugely valuabl…


Foundational science of the future

Traditionally pharma has been focused on developing small molecules and chemicals. Here, David Ferrick gives his view on immunology and cell therapy as a rapidly emerging pillar of science and therap…