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Scientists urge swift action to prepare for next pandemic: calls for an Advanced Information System

Added: 7 Apr 2021

An international team of researchers led by Wladek Minor, a University of Virginia School of Medici…

“Let’s not wait another 100 years to collaborate” appeals President of The Pistoia Alliance

Added: 16 Feb 2021

The breakthroughs in vaccine development that have been achieved in just ten months clearly demonst…

Bright future for multitasking CRISPR as it tackles complex diseases and COVID

Added: 29 Jan 2021

In these pseudo-dystopian days of unprecedented pandemic. white-coated men and women in labs all ov…

Streamlining critical workflows

Added: 4 Jan 2021

Research technician, Yvette Hoade, explains how electronic pipettes and pipetting robots help speed…

Can cobots help us reach COVID test targets?

Added: 28 Oct 2020

Could laboratory test automation with collaborative robots (cobots) be the answer to help 'Operatio…

Robots support growth in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Lifesciences sectors

Added: 15 Oct 2020

Mechatronics solutions expert, Simon Jenkins, highlights just one of the areas where robots are now…

Reflections on the CRISPR journey from conception to Nobel Prize and beyond...

Added: 14 Oct 2020

Our very own CRISPR specialist, Dermot Martin, muses on this year’s historic decision to award the …

Fast-tracking nanovaccines to fight coronavirus

Added: 10 Sep 2020

Today, there are more than 150 COVID-19 vaccines in the race to mitigate the virus.1-3 Some of thes…

Money talks... and heals

Added: 25 Nov 2019

Beware the dreaded hyperbole. That is always in the forefront of my mind when writing for you. But …

Singing the praises of odd numbers

Added: 23 Sep 2019

Annoy peer reviewers and create an inclusive numerical policy? It’s a win win for Dr Matthew Partri…

The good, the bad and the brexit

Added: 16 Sep 2019

The new Government has been in place for only a few weeks now and in that time, we’ve already had a…

Celebrating the improbable

Added: 13 Sep 2019

Another year, another heart-warming evening commemorating the silly, unusual and often random side …

Are you ready for show time?

Added: 9 Sep 2019

Once again we are delighted to have partnered with the Lab Innovations show – and we want you to be…

Ghost of science future

Added: 2 Sep 2019

Well, here we are. Four months from the completion of the second decade in the third millennium.

You are never too successful for lunch

Added: 12 Aug 2019

Everyone knows that the fulcrum around which a successful lab swings is, of course, lunch. But what…

Advancing a technical career

Added: 12 Aug 2019

Is your team motivated, professional, adaptable, connected, and competent?

Brexit: No-deal is a bad deal for UK science

Added: 9 Aug 2019

In a video livestreamed from his desk at Downing Street on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson a…

Game Theory: Linkage

Added: 5 Aug 2019

Games have never been more popular and in their column the newest recruits to the Lab News team, Dr…

Reproducibility crisis

Added: 23 Jul 2019

Inadequate reporting, variability in reagents and the pressure to publish all contribute to the rep…

Getting it wrong, incorrectly?

Added: 22 Jul 2019

Could it be that we are getting biology wrong?