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Which three extinct animals would you invite to dinner?

Added: 24 May 2022

Considering de-extinction, iterative evolution, re-evolution and the Elvis taxon, Russ Swan muses o…

Identifying and reducing day-to-day stress in laboratories

Added: 19 May 2022

A busy laboratory can be a stressful working environment, especially if there is a backlog of sampl…

Winning collaboration for LIMS implementation

Added: 11 May 2022

Under pressure to safeguard its incoming student body from COVID-19, The University of Nottingham n…

Industry 4.0 for UK chem labs

Added: 10 May 2022

In advance of her talk as part of the Lab News hosted session at CHEMUK 2022, Iwona Kandpal looks a…

When more knowledge does not equal more complexity

Added: 9 May 2022

In a world saturated with information, Dr Diane Turner discusses how more in-depth learning about a…

Improving contract lab efficiency and productivity through automation

Added: 29 Apr 2022

As demand for outsourced microbiological testing to assure the food value chain increases, contract…

The voice of the empowered patient is on the rise

Added: 22 Apr 2022

Industry experts agree that patient-centricity should be the overriding aim of global life science …

New antibiotic assessment mechanism to procure drugs to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Added: 20 Apr 2022

One of the UK’s leading infectious disease biotech companies has lauded the conclusions of a projec…

A researcher’s guide to intermittent research

Added: 1 Apr 2022

Under the continued cosh of COVID, Dr Matthew Partridge considers the impact of constant interrupti…

Game review: Healing Blade Defenders of Soma

Added: 1 Apr 2022


Age 14+
1-2 players
45 minutes
Nerdcore Medical

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Educational use – 5/6

It’s cool here in the future!

Added: 29 Mar 2022

Finding an excuse to watch Star Trek and call it research, Russ Swan compares science fiction with …

ED&I in the UK Life Science Industry

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Research into the matter of equity, diversity & inclusion (ED&I) in the UK Life Science Industry wa…

Creating trans-inclusive workplaces

Added: 10 Mar 2022

Adjustments for inclusion are a moral and practical imperative. Amy Grace explains how to ensure yo…

Changing the status quo on diversity in STEM

Added: 3 Mar 2022

There is still much work to be done, but Jess Lee hopes that in the coming year, dedicated efforts …

The technologies keeping 1.5 degrees in reach

Added: 24 Feb 2022

Following COP26, the pressure is on to reach the 1.5 degree warming target limit set out in the Par…

Award winner: Partnership and sustainability win emerging technology award

Added: 16 Feb 2022

As we begin to look forward to the inaugural Lab South spin out event, Lab Innovation’s ‘Most impac…

Making an impact in remote laboratory research

Added: 16 Feb 2022

During Lab Innovations last November, Anna Cooper and Raymond Wong were delighted to pick up the ‘M…

Applying digital technology and AI to compound management

Added: 9 Feb 2022

Sample management has changed enormously over the past 20 years. Steve Knight discusses the technol…

Game review: On the Origin of Species

Added: 1 Feb 2022


Age 9+
2-4 players
45-80 minutes
Mont Taber, Artana, Spielefaible

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Understanding the true scale of your carbon liability

Added: 25 Jan 2022

Laboratory-based process loads impact operational energy use. Debbie Hobbs discusses the shift towa…