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Turning down the heat

Added: 4 Dec 2023

Selecting the right cold storage for academic laboratories is a challenge, acknowledges Rob Fowler,…

Game Theory: Viral

Added: 27 Nov 2023

Turner and Robinson embrace their dark side in Viral to play the bad guys.

One indivisible truth?

Added: 27 Nov 2023

The European Medicines Agency’s vision of a single source of truth for clinical trial information f…

Shooting the lab

Added: 20 Nov 2023

If a picture tells a thousand words, a short video can do still more in the social media age. Autho…

Lab Babble: Swan’s Goosey gander

Added: 20 Nov 2023

Success is never guaranteed, we need to reward doggedness and chance, Russ Swan reminds us.

Sound of the City

Added: 14 Nov 2023

Government hopes to drive UK growth through the life sciences depend upon commercial as well as pub…

Achieving an animal free IHC

Added: 13 Nov 2023

With alternative technologies available, we should be seeking antibody alternatives that avoid the …

Breaking down a breakup

Added: 6 Nov 2023

The seas around Florida provided the opportunity to analyse the movement of the Earth’s crust durin…

Building scientific communities

Added: 6 Nov 2023

The pandemic delivered a temporary setback to the face-to-face conference but spurred interest in h… Drilling down – or boring?

Added: 30 Oct 2023

If you find a subject dull, time to shoot the messenger, says Matthew Partridge.

Walking the talk

Added: 30 Oct 2023

It’s easy to sign up to greener practice in principle but how do life sciences firms prove they del…

Quantum of challenge

Added: 16 Oct 2023

Its market value will soon be measured in billions, yet quantum computing has yet to reach a market…

Lab Innovations 2023: sustainable solvent selection

Added: 9 Oct 2023

While much discussion around sustainability has focused on the energy efficiency of instruments and…

Agents of change

Added: 9 Oct 2023

We have previously focused on the importance of diagnostic collaboration in combating TB. This time…

Material concerns

Added: 2 Oct 2023

After the Titan tragedy, Russ Swan calls for more science, less reckless conjecture.

The root of it

Added: 2 Oct 2023

Seaweed is an intrinsic part of our existence on this planet and it could just be the very thing th…

Getting drastic on plastic

Added: 25 Sep 2023

Our third feature on the Lab innovations My Green Lab/Laboratory News-curated sessions details Labc…

Outsmarting contaminants

Added: 25 Sep 2023

Time-consuming off-site manual testing is being supplanted in many areas by faster and greater capa…

Making a meal of it

Added: 18 Sep 2023

Insect farming’s potential value to the future of food supply has been well documented. As ever, th…

A lighter approach

Added: 18 Sep 2023

The drive to achieve sustainable laboratories affects all areas of operation. After the more obviou…