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Scalable membrane could filter greenhouse gases

Added: 11 Sep 2019

A new membrane filtration could be used to separate greenhouse gases from waste emissions on an ind…

$5.8M for renewable photocatalytic converter

Added: 10 Sep 2019

Houston-based plasmonics company Syzygy has raised $5.8 million to develop its eco-friendly photoca…

Scaled-down reactor turns greenhouse gas into fuel

Added: 4 Sep 2019

A newly-developed reactor containing a 2D catalyst is able to covert atmospheric CO2 into pure liqu…

Hogweed turned into carbon material for electrodes

Added: 29 Aug 2019

Hogweed is being put to use to manufacture electrodes for supercapacitors.

Leeds creates thinnest 2D gold

Added: 8 Aug 2019

University of Leeds scientists have claimed first fabrication of freestanding 2D gold with a sub‐na…

Ancient yeast leavens bread

Added: 7 Aug 2019

A 4,500-year-old strain of yeast sampled from ancient Egyptian pottery has been used to bake bread.

Porous rocks support prebiotic evolution theory

Added: 7 Aug 2019

The water-air interface found at pores in volcanic rocks could have been the location of the chemic…

UK food safety company partners cannabis producer

Added: 5 Aug 2019

Scottish food safety company R-Biopharm Rhône will supply its test kits to an unnamed Canadian cann…

Agar Scientific buys London Resin Company

Added: 2 Aug 2019

Laboratory equipment supplier Agar Scientific has acquired London Resin Company for an undisclosed …

Ozone smog will get worse with climate change

Added: 25 Jul 2019

Rising temperatures due to climate change will increase concentrations of ozone in the air to dange…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…

3.52M scientific procedures on animals in Britain last year

Added: 19 Jul 2019

Government figures reveal there has been a decrease in the number of scientific procedures carried …

Wine compound could help Mars missions

Added: 19 Jul 2019

A NASA-funded study has determined that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins, could be key …

Open University partners NASA for lunar instrument

Added: 15 Jul 2019

Open University scientists are working with NASA on a device that will detect water patterns for fu…

Pea gin reduces CO2 emissions

Added: 12 Jul 2019

Alcohol fermented from the starch of peas instead of wheat could offer a greener form of gin produc…

Measurement science centre opens in London

Added: 5 Jul 2019

The Community for Analytical Measurement Science, a membership network for training and innovation …

National Trust ends fossil fuel investments

Added: 4 Jul 2019

The National Trust has revealed that it will cease investment in fossil fuel companies in the inter…

Graphene synthesised with eucalyptus bark

Added: 26 Jun 2019

Australian and Indian researchers have used a chemical from the bark of the eucalyptus tree for a n…

Essex glassblowers announce £1.2M expansion

Added: 31 May 2019

Scientific equipment manufacturer Radleys has invested more than £1.2 million in a new glassblowing…

Brexit causing pesticide regulatory fears

Evoluted New Media | Added: 23 May 2019

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union includes the removal of a blanket ban on endocrine disr…