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Graphene brings sports footwear breakthrough

Evoluted New Media | Added: 23 Jan 2018

A partnership is launching a revolutionary world-first in the sports footwear market following a co…

Molecular printing tech recreates complex biology

Evoluted New Media | Added: 19 Jan 2018

A new fabrication technology which could allow researchers to recreate complex biological environme…

Zero G graphene promises success in space

Evoluted New Media | Added: 15 Jan 2018

For the first time graphene has been tested in zero gravity conditions to establish its utility for…

Taking on the resistance

Evoluted New Media | Added: 12 Jan 2018

It is no secret that there is a desperate need for a response to antimicrobial resistance, so what …

Plastic (not so) fantastic

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Jan 2018

Microplastic pollution of the oceans is a deadly ecological problem, yet oddly we cant find 99% of …

New catalyst to revolutionise battery technology

Evoluted New Media | Added: 4 Oct 2017

Researchers in Australia have discovered a method that enables them to overcome a major drawback of…

Long range communication barriers broken

Evoluted New Media | Added: 27 Sep 2017

Researchers in the US have successfully demonstrated that devices running on nearly no power can tr…

New ultrathin device powered by everyday motion

Evoluted New Media | Added: 24 Sep 2017

Researchers in the US have created a new ultrathin energy harvesting system that can be powered by …

Zinc oxide crystals

Evoluted New Media | Added: 10 Jul 2017

This image displays the intergrowth of Zinc oxide crystals.

Bringing the Sun down to Earth

Evoluted New Media | Added: 10 Jul 2017

Technical difficulties, experimental dead-ends and eye-watering development costs – yet the gargant…

New hydrophobic product created

Evoluted New Media | Added: 24 Apr 2017

A new self-healing, water-repellent coating has been developed that could be used on a much wider r…

Where’s our wonder material?

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Apr 2017

Never has materials science had such a high profile – something almost entirely down to the advance…

Material science advancement after tightest knot created

Evoluted New Media | Added: 31 Jan 2017

Scientists at the University of Manchester have created the tightest knot ever achieved, opening up…

3D printing boosts membrane capability hopes

Evoluted New Media | Added: 23 Jan 2017

3D printing could advance membrane fabrication and capability, according to a new review by researc…

Heart of glass

Evoluted New Media | Added: 12 Jan 2017

Paul Le Pinnet is SOG Group’s Chief Scientific Glassblower. He is a fellow of The British Society o…

Magnetic crystals hold drug delivery potential

Evoluted New Media | Added: 28 Nov 2016

Chinese researchers have discovered a way to control microscopic crystals using magnetism, leading …

New material aids energy conversion

Evoluted New Media | Added: 24 Nov 2016

Researchers have created a new material capable of converting waste heat to electricity with high l…

Bio-inspired blueprint for new material

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Oct 2016

MIT engineers have designed a beaver-inspired wetsuit material to insulate surfers.

UK University to upgrade CERN’s LHC

Evoluted New Media | Added: 5 Sep 2016

CERN will receive vital upgrades to parts of the LHC from scientists at Huddersfield University.

Fantastic ceramic

Evoluted New Media | Added: 23 Aug 2016

From joint replacements to microfluidics – additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, promises so much…