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Compliant UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations sample packaging for COVID-19

Added: 3 Dec 2020

All COVID-19 test samples fall under the UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations because they may contai…

Malaria test as simple as a bandage

Added: 5 Nov 2020

Testing for malaria could become as simple as putting on a bandage. That's the idea behind a platfo…

Selecting the right sterile cleanroom clothing solution for compliance with EU GMP Annex I

Added: 23 Oct 2020

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The new EU GMP Annex I guidelines will require sterile product manufacturers to …

Fungus leather: new front-runner for sustainable clothing material

Added: 9 Sep 2020

In a new review paper by the University of Vienna, Imperial College London, and RMIT University in …

Jurassic Park style GM experiment flies under the radar

Added: 1 Sep 2020

An Oxfordshire based company is at the centre of planned controversial use of GM modified mosquitoe…

Coronaviruses amplified along wildlife supply chain

Added: 17 Aug 2020

Coronaviruses were detected in a high proportion of bats and rodents in Viet Nam from 2013 to 2014,…

Laboratory News podcast - life on the back of a turtle with Dr Jeroen Ingels

Added: 5 Aug 2020

"I didn't realise that it is basically impossible to stop a turtle physically... it just rolls you …

The truth about turtles

Sarah Lawton | Added: 20 Jul 2020

A research team from Florida State University (FSU) has discovered a world of microscopic life on t…

Human rights in biomedicine: action plan 2020-2025

Added: 25 Jun 2020

On 24 June 2020, in Strasbourg, the Bioethics Committee launched its new action plan on human right…

Oldest parasitic DNA found in coprolite

Added: 28 Aug 2019

The oldest parasite DNA ever recorded has been discovered in fossilised puma faeces.

Going viral

Added: 28 Aug 2019

Foodborne viruses present a major challenge to the safety of a range of foods including ready–to–ea…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…