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Solidified dopamine

Added: 14 Jan 2020

This mesmerizing image was captured using polarized light, giving little droplets of solidified dop…

Chameleon embryo

qpwmbpwjbb.d qpwmbpwjbb.d | Added: 5 Mar 2019

This incredible image was awarded ‘Honorable Mention status in the 2018 Nikon Small World competiti…

Stem cell

qpwmbpwjbb.d qpwmbpwjbb.d | Added: 1 Jul 2016

A single human stem cell with a diameter of approximately 15 micrometres.

Self-assembling peptide amphiphileprotein membrane

qpwmbpwjbb.d qpwmbpwjbb.d | Added: 8 Feb 2016

Scanning electron microscopy image of a self-assembling peptide amphiphile/protein membrane.