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Alpha Labs swabs can help achieve COVID testing targets

Birmingham wins backing for ‘lollipop’ mouth cancer diagnostic

A single step mouth cancer diagnostic that can be moulded into a solid and applied lollipop-style has won backing from Cancer Research UK and the Physical Sciences Research Council.


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Enabling miniaturisations of automated organoid drug screens

Advanced cell-based models have grown in popularity for drug testing applications. The use of nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogels has enabled organoid drug screening that is largely animal free, automa…

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Translating to liquid assets

Biotech ValiRx’s new spin-out prompted its evolution from a virtual operation to encompass wet labs. Suzy Dilly charts the journey of construction, integrating scientific assets, and launching in a n…


Catherine Noakes and the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)

As part of a collaborative group of six British expert scientists, Catherine Noakes will join Jonathan Van-Tam and his team for the 2021 Royal Institutions Christmas  Lectures which will be recorded …