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Playing it cool

Added: 8 Apr 2024

In the lab, the need for effective temperature control is a given. And as demands have increased, s…

Global forum’s cash challenge to boost cardiovascular funding

Added: 7 Apr 2024

The Global Cardiovascular Research Funders Forum (GCRFF), has announced a new cash prize aimed at i…

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Report warns of crisis as Europe’s generic medicines reduced

Added: 7 Apr 2024

A recently published study that Europe faces a crisis stemming from a substantial decline in the av… Bodge it, Badger

Added: 2 Apr 2024

Given the realities of working life, a bodge job can beat the company’s purchasing protocols, advis…

Science in the round

Added: 2 Apr 2024

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) remains one of Europe’s largest multidisciplin…

Scaling the digital mountain

Added: 24 Mar 2024

Hub locations are as much a feature in healthcare as for life sciences in general. Ursula Costa out…

(Almost) one hundred and eighty!

Added: 24 Mar 2024

Time was when three scientific disciplines sufficed, says Russ Swan. They’ve multiplied, to say the…

UK’s status as global clinical trials hub bolstered with £18 million investment

Added: 24 Mar 2024

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), Innovate UK, the Advanced Therapy Treat…

Identity crisis?

Added: 18 Mar 2024

When the Royal Society of Chemistry began to tackle the barriers to disabled entrants to the profes…

Translating to liquid assets

Added: 18 Mar 2024

Biotech ValiRx’s new spin-out prompted its evolution from a virtual operation to encompass wet labs…

A vision beyond gold

Added: 11 Mar 2024

Little more than a year since its win at the Lab Awards, Cytecom has secured an NIHCR contract to t…

Pharma/life science survey response deals blow to Sunak’s overtures

Added: 11 Mar 2024

Prime minister Rishi Sunak’s efforts to put life science investment at the heart of the UK’s econom…

Fox Foundation and announce first Parkinson’s project

Added: 10 Mar 2024

The Michael J Fox Foundation and Cambridge synthetic biology company have announced their f…

Unravelling the secrets of RNA

Added: 4 Mar 2024

Advancing scientific knowledge of plant structures not only improves crop yields but also helps tre…

Radio waves offer gentler and more efficient way to alter bacteria DNA

Added: 3 Mar 2024

Radio waves have been successfully harnessed to provide a less traumatic means to alter the DNA of …

Nine in 10 life scientists surveyed don’t understand US or European AI rules

Added: 25 Feb 2024

Just 9% of life science professionals polled say they understand either EU or US laws on the use of…

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Gates Foundation grant opens door to PhaSER project acceleration

Added: 25 Feb 2024

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has granted Edinburgh’s PhaSER Biomedical a US$2.3 million gran…

Stat… fact… friction?

Added: 19 Feb 2024

Do the figures speak for themselves? Rarely, warns Russ Swan.

Report underlines economic returns on public investment in science

Added: 11 Feb 2024

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council-commissioned research estimates that the org…

Aston-Warwick initiative wins key UKRI funds

Added: 11 Feb 2024

A joint team from Aston and Warwick universities and the University of Warwick have won nearly £2 m…