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How moths find their flame - genetics of mate attraction discovered

Biologists have discovered the gene controlling the mating preference of male European corn borer moths for the female sex pheromone. Results will provide a better understanding of why mating signals…

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Some like it hot - our May/June issue cover story on thermophiles as biotechnological targets

Thermophiles are fascinating microorganisms that include fungi, algae, cyanobacteria, and protozoa. Tom Graham discusses how to measure thermophilic microbial growth as a step towards understanding t…

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Jurassic Park style GM experiment flies under the radar

An Oxfordshire based company is at the centre of planned controversial use of GM modified mosquitoes in Florida to combat diseases mosquito-related diseases. Dermot Martin looks into the facts of thi…


Bioluminescence: a life study of ocean light

Bioluminescence is visually magical and has inspired many scientists to dive deep to discover its secrets. As a result of this research, some fantastic research tools have been developed that help un…