In Depth

Microbial lipoxygenases: a next target against antibiotic resistance?

Russian researchers Georgy Kurakin, Anna Samoukina and Nadezhda Potapova use bioinformatics to uncover the evolutionary roots of microbial lipoxygenase functionality and raise the possibility that th…

Comment And Analysis

Ensuring quality through accreditation in our Lighthouse Labs: IBMS response to BBC Panorama

Following the BBC Panorama’s undercover investigation into a COVID-19 lighthouse laboratory, the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) reiterates the need for more HCPC registered staff and UKAS acc…


To improve reproducibility; look first to pipetting

With years of experience and expertise with pipettes, Gustavo Chavarria outlines pipetting factors and practices that lead to success and reproducibility in the lab…