Bringing DNA sequencing to the frontlines in the fight against anti-microbial resistance

The future may see DNA sequencing as a routine bacterial diagnostic technique in hospitals and clinical care settings. An interdisciplinary network of academics and industry experts aim to bring the …

In Depth

Microbial lipoxygenases: a next target against antibiotic resistance?

Russian researchers Georgy Kurakin, Anna Samoukina and Nadezhda Potapova use bioinformatics to uncover the evolutionary roots of microbial lipoxygenase functionality and raise the possibility that th…


Foundational science of the future

Traditionally pharma has been focused on developing small molecules and chemicals. Here, David Ferrick gives his view on immunology and cell therapy as a rapidly emerging pillar of science and therap…

Focal Point

Nature’s Bricks and Mortar

This image shows the internal structure of a blood clot.