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Human placenta map offers hope against pregnancy threats

Pregnancy safe therapies for deadly diseases such as malaria, toxoplasmosis and listeria could be boosted by the creation of the first panoramic map of the human placenta’s infection pathways.

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Picodroplet microfluidics - specialist chemicals for single cell analysis

Picodroplet microfluidics is used to isolate single cells for high-throughput single cell analysis. Olivia Hughes discusses novel multifunctional and biocompatible surfactants needed to create these …

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Improving contract lab efficiency and productivity through automation

As demand for outsourced microbiological testing to assure the food value chain increases, contract laboratories look to expert service providers delivering carefully considered integration of strate…


Evolving prostate cancer research with FFPE samples

Dr. Nallasivam Palanisamy of the Henry Ford Health System and Michigan State University and Dr. Han Wei of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, who have been collaborating, together with their respective t…