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CERN takes on Covid-19

Added: 9 Apr 2020

The World’s biggest experiment, CERN, has established a task force to identify and support contribu…

Space-based reflectors to boost solar power

Added: 2 Apr 2020

A project exploring the use of space-based reflectors to shine sunlight towards Earth-bound solar f…

Medtech funding for implant company

Added: 24 Mar 2020

A Newcastle medtech company has secured nearly £250,000 in funding from Innovate UK to further its …

Space-bound human tissue

Added: 10 Mar 2020

The University of Zurich has sent adult human stem cells to the International Space Station to expl…

Nanoarray breakthrough aids electric vehicles

Added: 4 Mar 2020

A team from the University of Bristol have developed a new type of nanoelectromechanical relay to e…

Bird flight secret offers aircraft design breakthrough

Added: 18 Feb 2020

A team of scientists and engineers have gained new insight in the aerodynamics of gliding birds – s…

Graphene device bridges the terahertz gap

Added: 5 Feb 2020

Researchers have used graphene to create a device which will unlock the elusive terahertz wavelengt…

Pioneering citizen science project celebrates 10th year

Added: 8 Jan 2020

The citizen science platform, Zooniverse, is celebrating its 10thanniversary.

New carbon nanotube source relief for nanotech community

Added: 8 Jan 2020

A new method of producing carbon nanotubescould have solved a growing problem in the field of carbo…

E.coli engineered to consume CO2

Added: 28 Nov 2019

Synthetic biologists have engineered an autotrophic form of bacteria.

Carbon nanotubes grown on newsprint

Added: 26 Nov 2019

Your old copies of Lab News may still have some unexpected uses in the lab…

Rahko raises £1.3M for quantum chemistry simulation

Added: 18 Oct 2019

UCL spin-out Rahko has raised £1.3 million in seed funding to develop its machine learning-powered …

Wellcome Trust on the hunt for best public engagement

Added: 16 Oct 2019

The Wellcome Trust has launched an initiative to find the best examples of public engagement projec…

PM reintroduces graduate visa

Added: 18 Sep 2019

A new work visa introduced by Boris Johnson’s government will allow international science students …

US environmental agency to end animal testing by 2035

Added: 18 Sep 2019

The US Environmental Protection Agency will phase out animal testing of chemical products by 2035, …

Simple, beautiful, classic: MIT creates blackest black material

Added: 16 Sep 2019

Engineers have claimed a new record for the blackest material ever created.

Scalable membrane could filter greenhouse gases

Added: 11 Sep 2019

A new membrane filtration could be used to separate greenhouse gases from waste emissions on an ind…

$5.8M for renewable photocatalytic converter

Added: 10 Sep 2019

Houston-based plasmonics company Syzygy has raised $5.8 million to develop its eco-friendly photoca…

Scaled-down reactor turns greenhouse gas into fuel

Added: 4 Sep 2019

A newly-developed reactor containing a 2D catalyst is able to covert atmospheric CO2 into pure liqu…

International research projects get £3.6M

Added: 29 Aug 2019

Research England has divvied up £3.6 million for eight research institutions in the UK to help fund…