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Robots ‘offer effective intervention in combatting loneliness and negative emotions’

‘Social’ robots employed during the pandemic to overcome isolation were able to help individuals struggling with isolation, stress and other difficult emotions, claims a new study.

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How to minimise the risk of cross-contamination in laboratories

Cross-contamination is a major concern for any laboratory and can lead to false and inaccurate results. Andrew Powers discusses how to mitigate the risk of potential time and resource losses due to c…

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Achieving an animal free IHC

With alternative technologies available, we should be seeking antibody alternatives that avoid the unnecessary use of animals in research, urges Dr David Bunka.


In agro: field labs and farmer-led research

The Innovative Farmers not for profit network brings together farmers and growers with researchers to enable field trials (pun intended). A decade’s worth of on-farm trial results demonstrate farmer-…