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Call for entries: Long COVID co-created science and art installation

Added: 3 Dec 2020

"The stories we tell matter." Relational Space

Are you willing to 'fearlessly explore' the impact …

Compliant UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations sample packaging for COVID-19

Added: 3 Dec 2020

All COVID-19 test samples fall under the UN3373 Dangerous Goods Regulations because they may contai…

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't end with a viable vaccine but with a vaccinated population

Added: 19 Nov 2020

With a potential finishing line suddenly appearing over the horizon, getting competitors to the end…

Reviewing EU microbiological safety cabinet regulations

Added: 18 Nov 2020

Following up on the lab management article 'Microbiological safety cabinets - On-site and maintenan…

ACHEMA live event postponed by nine months

Added: 18 Nov 2020

Further updates to our event horizon include a nine-month postponement of ACHEMA to April 2022, on …

5 Steps to Medical Device Labelling Compliance

Added: 13 Nov 2020

The transition some medical device manufacturers face with the new EU Medical Device Regulation (EU…

Food fraud in China opens the market to EU products

Added: 9 Nov 2020

There is wide distrust among the general public within China regarding food and safety throughout t…

Selecting the right sterile cleanroom clothing solution for compliance with EU GMP Annex I

Added: 23 Oct 2020

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The new EU GMP Annex I guidelines will require sterile product manufacturers to …

Lessons learnt from a zero-carbon laboratory

Added: 23 Oct 2020

Mathew Butler reviews the operation of the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Sustainable Chemis…

Making it happen: young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow

Added: 23 Oct 2020

Freelance nextgen reporter, Amy Grace, interviews Mhairi McCann; one of the Women in Engineering So… Stuck in the middle

Added: 23 Oct 2020

In sympathy with all those researchers out there trying to get the tough papers writer, Dr Matthew …

Career chances for technicians shouldn’t be a matter of luck

Added: 20 Oct 2020

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The Royal Society of Chemistry’s former president Carol Robinson talks through h…

Science and scientists held in high esteem across the globe

Added: 1 Oct 2020

As the world looks to scientists and the research and development process to bring new treatments a…

Machine Learning provides insight into cannabis strains

Added: 30 Sep 2020

Cannabis data lacking, but machine learning could help

THC and CBD; Anyone who has used, sold, stu…

Reimagining the face mask: a design upgrade

Added: 4 Sep 2020

Imagine a reusable face mask that protects wearers and those around them from SARS-CoV-2, is comfor…

Coronavirus 'trap and zap' technology

Added: 24 Aug 2020

Rice University researchers plan to reconfigure their 'trap and zap' wastewater-treatment technolog…

Medical cannabis growth could offer boom for lab industry

Added: 12 Aug 2020

Further easing of import restrictions by the Government will provide faster access to patients pres…

Manchester expert launches COVID-19 global task force

Added: 17 Jul 2020

A world-leading materials expert from The University of Manchester is helping to launch a new globa…

New antiviral technology supports reusable COVID-19 facemasks

Added: 25 Jun 2020

Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and ITA RWTH Aachen, two of the most recognised academic …

Keeping governments accountable: The COVID-10 assessment scorecard

Added: 16 Jun 2020

A new commentary published in Nature Medicine calls for governments to recognise the urgent need to…