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Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions

Added: 22 Jul 2021

A new wearable brain-machine interface (BMI) system could improve the quality of life for people wi…

New topological superconductor could fill critical component gap in quantum computing

Added: 18 Jun 2021

A newly discovered superconductor could have enormous impact on quantum computing. The relative sen…

Combining classical and quantum computing opens door to new discoveries

Added: 17 Jun 2021

New approaches are needed to lay the pathway to efficient and effective quantum computing. Now, res…

High-resolution model offers stunningly realistic simulation of the birth of stars

Added: 21 May 2021

A team including Northwestern University astrophysicists has developed the most realistic, highest-…

Visualising the light-bending dance of binary black holes using NASA's Discover supercomputer

Added: 20 Apr 2021

Try to imagine and describe a black hole. A big one! Now try to imagine a second supermassive black…

Innovation roadmap to improve smartphone apps for point-of-care diagnosis and treatment guidance

Added: 19 Apr 2021

A new review paper looks at advanced research in smartphone-based imaging systems for healthcare. T…

Machine learning plus vital signs provides objective patient pain levels

Added: 18 Mar 2021

Describing pain from zero to ten is currently as good as it gets on the hospital floor when it come…

The chronicles of NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance continued - the first test drives

Added: 12 Mar 2021

During it's first week on the planet's surface, NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover and its Earthbo…

Machine learning helps grow artificial organs

Added: 17 Jul 2020

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Ivannikov Institute for System Pro…

Kirke teleports from Westeros

Added: 10 Jul 2020

Teleportation is most commonly the stuff of science fiction and, for many, would conjure up the imm…

Rivals question Google’s quantum supremacy claim

Added: 28 Oct 2019

Google researchers claimed quantum supremacy last week, shortly followed by rebuke from its rivals.

AI university to open in UAE next year

Added: 16 Oct 2019

The world’s first graduate level research university dedicated to AI will welcome its first intake …

US Army project sets quantum entanglement record

Added: 30 Sep 2019

A new record has been set for the transfer of quantum entanglement between matter and light, which …

European Bioinformatics Institute adds local data storage

Added: 19 Sep 2019

The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) has signed a contract with colocation datacentre p…

Black hole image wins $3M Breakthrough Prize

Added: 6 Sep 2019

The team behind the first ever image of a black hole has been awarded the 2020 Breakthrough Prize i…

AI biomarker predicts heart attacks

Added: 5 Sep 2019

A new AI-powered imaging biomarker is said to predict hearts attacks at least five years before the…

International research projects get £3.6M

Added: 29 Aug 2019

Research England has divvied up £3.6 million for eight research institutions in the UK to help fund…

Hogweed turned into carbon material for electrodes

Added: 29 Aug 2019

Hogweed is being put to use to manufacture electrodes for supercapacitors.

Physicists borrow from social networks

Added: 7 Aug 2019

A new technique treats debris from proton collisions like a social network in order to distinguish …

Quantum microphone measures phonons

Added: 30 Jul 2019

A quantum microphone that measures individual sound particles has the potential to create more comp…