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The many lifetimes of plastics

Added: 16 Jun 2020

Infographics strive to give us a sense of how long plastic goods will last in the environment but i…

Survival of coronavirus in different cities, on different surfaces

Added: 11 Jun 2020

One of the many questions researchers have about COVID-19 is how long the coronavirus causing the d…

Oil-hungry smart sponge could restore our oceans

Added: 2 Jun 2020

A Northwestern University-led team has developed a highly porous smart sponge that selectively soak…

Plastic-eating superworms host biodegrading gut bacteria

Added: 29 May 2020

Resembling giant mealworms, superworms (Zophobas atratus) are beetle larvae that are often sold in …

Will our climate bounce back as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown?

Added: 20 May 2020

Stanford research study envisions energy and environment landscape after COVID-19, pinpointing redu…

Return to work safely: Environmental surface swabbing

Added: 18 May 2020

In light of the UK government’s request for employers to enable staff to safely return to work wher…

Ultra-fine particles linked to brain cancer

Added: 14 Nov 2019

Air pollution nanoparticles have been linked to brain cancer for the first time.

Ozone smog will get worse with climate change

Added: 25 Jul 2019

Rising temperatures due to climate change will increase concentrations of ozone in the air to dange…

Algal biofuels face diverse pathogens

Added: 24 Jul 2019

DNA analysis of a predatory bacterium has revealed a much higher level of genetic diversity than pr…

National Trust ends fossil fuel investments

Added: 4 Jul 2019

The National Trust has revealed that it will cease investment in fossil fuel companies in the inter…