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Synthetic affinity reagents: new possibilities for diagnostics

Added: 24 Apr 2023

Fast and effective diagnostic testing is key to disease management but a challenge for antibody-bas…

#CHEMUK 2023: CIA’s Innovation chief Lancaster is our keynote speaker

Added: 21 Apr 2023

Chemical Industries Association (CIA) Head of Events and Innovation Mike Lancaster has been reveale…

Shared excellence

Added: 17 Apr 2023

The FAIRE grants scheme provides opportunity for researchers in 80 countries to publish their work …

Collaboration on life sciences – do we need the UK?

Added: 17 Apr 2023

Undoubtedly, yes, says Jan Wauters. The benefits to Britain and Europe are too great, he argues, an…

Fragrance industry scents trouble from EU substance reclassification

Added: 15 Apr 2023

European Union changes to chemicals legislation are a potential threat to the substantial fragrance… Not wanted – bot with GSOH

Added: 27 Mar 2023

Reinforced learning won’t make ChatGPT a lab competitor for Matthew Partridge. Not until it masters…

Colouring our view

Added: 20 Mar 2023

The work of spectroscopy’s early pioneers continues to influence us today, says Brian J Ford, and i…

Bids process to share in £3 million Cystic Fibrosis funds opens

Added: 20 Mar 2023

Applications are invited for a share of £3 million investment to accelerate the development of new …

Light shined like a neon show

Added: 12 Mar 2023

Good quality visuals help convey information in research papers. Contrary to what many scientists s…

Putin invasion has seen loss of two out of three clinical investigator sites in Ukraine and Russia

Added: 12 Mar 2023

The number of recruiting clinical investigator sites in the countries most impacted by the invasion…

Investing in futures

Added: 5 Mar 2023

It’s not only students who need to take placements seriously. Lab managers too must adopt a long-te…

EU/UK flags

Northern Ireland deal appears to boost UK’s Horizon Europe hopes

Added: 1 Mar 2023

Prime minister Rishi Sunak’s achievement of an agreed new Northern Ireland protocol with his Europe…

Treasury opts for stealth to ‘announce’ takeback of £1.6 bill EU Horizon funds

Added: 23 Feb 2023

Some £1.6 billion in funds allocated for scientific research has been taken back by the Treasury.

A coordinated advance

Added: 20 Feb 2023

Deep virology knowledge, urgency and partnership form the crucible for rapid antibody development t…

A guarantee of security?

Added: 6 Feb 2023

One of Europe’s leading microbiologists wants EU legislators to follow the UK’s lead and relax the …

UK research teams share £2.5 million kidney funding boost

Added: 3 Feb 2023

Fourteen projects focused on kidney disease treatment are to share one of the most sizeable funding…

Aligning asset services to put lab needs first

Added: 30 Jan 2023

Good asset management ensures that key considerations such as validation, compliance and maintenanc…

UK biotech investment plunges 60% from previous year's all-time high

Added: 29 Jan 2023

UK biotech investment for 2022 dropped from the previous year’s all-time record, reveals the latest… Something for the weekend

Added: 23 Jan 2023

Matthew Partridge wonders where does a shorter working week leave that staple of the lab, the weeke…

Government aid for healthcare innovation trio welcomed

Added: 22 Jan 2023

InnoScot Health, the private body working with NHS Scotland to drive commercial innovation in the s…