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Sulzer acquisition to scale up biopolymer production

Industrial giant Sulzer has acquired a stake in Netherland’s-based CELLiCON with the aim of scaling up the Dutch company’s pioneering technology for biopolymers.


Digital twins to link Metaverse to real-world decarbonisation towards NetZero

Digital Twins are forecast to form the essential building blocks of a Metaverse which connects the physical world with the virtual, enabling optimal urban decarbonisation throughout a crucial decade …

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Food forensics: how AI can smell authentic olive oil

Extra virgin olive (EVO) oils are highly complex. Here, Prof Chiara Cordero discusses the application of an AI smelling machine to analyse, qualify, categorise, and authenticate olive oil and counter…

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Industry 4.0 for UK chem labs

In advance of her talk as part of the Lab News hosted session at CHEMUK 2022, Iwona Kandpal looks at driving innovation in UK chemical labs in small and medium enterprises through the adoption of com…


How to gain Chinese regulation compliance

Dr Paul Orange outlines the project which led to his involvement in the new Chinese battery protocol regulations. In response to customer demand, he led an initiative that ensured all equipment under…