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Bright future for multitasking CRISPR as it tackles complex diseases and COVID

In these pseudo-dystopian days of unprecedented pandemic. white-coated men and women in labs all over the world are the shock troops in a relentless campaign against the unseen enemy. Here Dermot Mar…


Meet the baby tyrannosaurs - dog-sized and looking just like mum and dad

Imagine mini tyrannosaurs running around your legs like collie dogs! They may have grown to 40 feet as adults, but baby tyrannosaurs looked like their parents when they first hatched and, while only …

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Antibiotic resistance may spread even more easily than expected

Pathogenic bacteria in humans are developing resistance to antibiotics much faster than expected. Now, Jan Zrimec, a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has used computational re…

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Inhouse genetic analysis

Here, Dr Philip Hargreaves (business development) and Gabriela Saldanha (product management) discuss the drivers and lessons learned behind Promega’s successful development collaboration with Hitachi…