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Water droplet

Added: 15 Jul 2019

This amazing image – Crack Patterns I, by Thomas Séon – shows a water droplet falling onto a silico…

The Colours of Iron

Evoluted New Media | Added: 11 Dec 2018

‘The Colours of Iron' (Lochaber, Scotland) by Ursula Lawrence took the third place) in the Geologic…

Biodegradable Microbowls

Evoluted New Media | Added: 8 Nov 2018

Biodegradable Microbowls by Tayo Sanders II from the University of Oxford. Many tumours lack an ext…

Zinc oxide crystals

Evoluted New Media | Added: 10 Jul 2017

This image displays the intergrowth of Zinc oxide crystals.

Camping stove plume

Evoluted New Media | Added: 13 Feb 2017

An image of heat rising from a camping stove.


Evoluted New Media | Added: 15 Aug 2016

Transmission electron microscopy image showing self-assembled diblock copolymer nanoparticles.