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Scientists urge swift action to prepare for next pandemic: calls for an Advanced Information System

Added: 7 Apr 2021

An international team of researchers led by Wladek Minor, a University of Virginia School of Medici…

Ensuring quality through accreditation in our Lighthouse Labs: IBMS response to BBC Panorama

Added: 31 Mar 2021

Following the BBC Panorama’s undercover investigation into a COVID-19 lighthouse laboratory, the In…

Keeping the Pharmaceutical industry mobile and secure

Added: 22 Mar 2021

There is nothing more heinous than those who take advantage of a national emergency, but it happens…

“Let’s not wait another 100 years to collaborate” appeals President of The Pistoia Alliance

Added: 16 Feb 2021

The breakthroughs in vaccine development that have been achieved in just ten months clearly demonst…

We can be Zero! Time for a strategic change to combat virus variants?

Added: 8 Feb 2021

As we emerge from the devasting second wave of the virus, there is a growing feeling among some vir…

Clarifying VAT on PPE for charities during COVID pandemic

Added: 3 Nov 2020

Led by GAMBICA, the trade association for the instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory i…

Nonscience Returns: You can get away with anything on TV

Added: 2 Nov 2020

Biologist and broadcaster Professor Brian J Ford’s satire on science has just been updated as Nonsc…

Lessons learnt from a zero-carbon laboratory

Added: 23 Oct 2020

Mathew Butler reviews the operation of the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Sustainable Chemis…

Making it happen: young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow

Added: 23 Oct 2020

Freelance nextgen reporter, Amy Grace, interviews Mhairi McCann; one of the Women in Engineering So… Stuck in the middle

Added: 23 Oct 2020

In sympathy with all those researchers out there trying to get the tough papers writer, Dr Matthew …

Career chances for technicians shouldn’t be a matter of luck

Added: 20 Oct 2020

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The Royal Society of Chemistry’s former president Carol Robinson talks through h…

COVID-19 testing will be standard for clinical trials

Added: 7 Aug 2020

Clinical trial specialist, Bärbel Wilke expects corona testing for both virus and antibody detectio…

Improving animal research: New ARRIVE 2.0 guidelines released

Added: 15 Jul 2020

A previous version of the ARRIVE guidelines for the rigorous reporting of animal studies was publis…

Scientists and policy experts raise COVID-19 and climate crises analogues

Added: 8 Jul 2020

Epidemiologists highlighted the dangers of COVID-19 in its early stages, but their warnings went la…

Keeping governments accountable: The COVID-10 assessment scorecard

Added: 16 Jun 2020

A new commentary published in Nature Medicine calls for governments to recognise the urgent need to…

Lawmakers called to protect biomedical science from false claims

Added: 5 Jun 2020

Great Medical Promises Threatened by Booming Miracle Cures and Undue Pressure to Gain Fast-Track Ap…

Getting into the lab, via the stomach

Added: 26 Jan 2020

Of all the incentives lab supply companies have in their arsenal – there is one guaranteed way they…

Festive footprint

Added: 19 Dec 2019

More than 11,000 scientists have warned of a “catastrophic hothouse Earth” that could result from c…

Priorities ahead of UK general election

Added: 3 Dec 2019

Perhaps never before has UK politics appeared to move so quickly yet largely stood still.

Money talks... and heals

Added: 25 Nov 2019

Beware the dreaded hyperbole. That is always in the forefront of my mind when writing for you. But …