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The industrial lab: at line or end of line?

Added: 15 May 2023

Sustainability, market pressures and tech innovation are impacting the chemicals and materials sect… Telling it like it is

Added: 9 May 2023

How to temper the urge to make projects succeed at the expense of sustainability? It’s all in the n…

Synthetic affinity reagents: new possibilities for diagnostics

Added: 24 Apr 2023

Fast and effective diagnostic testing is key to disease management but a challenge for antibody-bas…

Shared excellence

Added: 17 Apr 2023

The FAIRE grants scheme provides opportunity for researchers in 80 countries to publish their work …

Collaboration on life sciences – do we need the UK?

Added: 17 Apr 2023

Undoubtedly, yes, says Jan Wauters. The benefits to Britain and Europe are too great, he argues, an… Not wanted – bot with GSOH

Added: 27 Mar 2023

Reinforced learning won’t make ChatGPT a lab competitor for Matthew Partridge. Not until it masters…

Colouring our view

Added: 20 Mar 2023

The work of spectroscopy’s early pioneers continues to influence us today, says Brian J Ford, and i…

Light shined like a neon show

Added: 12 Mar 2023

Good quality visuals help convey information in research papers. Contrary to what many scientists s…

Investing in futures

Added: 5 Mar 2023

It’s not only students who need to take placements seriously. Lab managers too must adopt a long-te…

A coordinated advance

Added: 20 Feb 2023

Deep virology knowledge, urgency and partnership form the crucible for rapid antibody development t…

A guarantee of security?

Added: 6 Feb 2023

One of Europe’s leading microbiologists wants EU legislators to follow the UK’s lead and relax the …

Aligning asset services to put lab needs first

Added: 30 Jan 2023

Good asset management ensures that key considerations such as validation, compliance and maintenanc… Something for the weekend

Added: 23 Jan 2023

Matthew Partridge wonders where does a shorter working week leave that staple of the lab, the weeke…

The EU clinical clock is ticking

Added: 9 Jan 2023

With the 31 January 2023 switch to new EU Clinical Trial Regulations fast approaching, Werner Engel…

The science of art

Added: 12 Dec 2022

The Courtauld Institute of Art’s expertise in preserving art works derives in part from its use of …

Mimicry with consistency

Added: 5 Dec 2022

Research into neurodegenerative conditions can be hampered by difficulty accessing scalable, transl…

Image integrity in academic papers

Added: 28 Nov 2022

Academic papers are the most important medium for introducing results to the scientific community, …

Lab Babble: The Modern Prometheus

Added: 28 Nov 2022

Not content with streamlining all scientific research, Russ Swan now offers a blueprint for human e…

The final frontier

Added: 20 Nov 2022

Sustainability goals in science must include one untilrecently overlooked issue: lab space and the …

Dystopia calling…

Added: 14 Nov 2022

Dr Matthew Partridge has seen the 2050 future and it works, even if we no longer understand why.