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Playing it cool

Added: 8 Apr 2024

In the lab, the need for effective temperature control is a given. And as demands have increased, s… Bodge it, Badger

Added: 2 Apr 2024

Given the realities of working life, a bodge job can beat the company’s purchasing protocols, advis…

Science in the round

Added: 2 Apr 2024

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) remains one of Europe’s largest multidisciplin…

Scaling the digital mountain

Added: 24 Mar 2024

Hub locations are as much a feature in healthcare as for life sciences in general. Ursula Costa out…

(Almost) one hundred and eighty!

Added: 24 Mar 2024

Time was when three scientific disciplines sufficed, says Russ Swan. They’ve multiplied, to say the…

Identity crisis?

Added: 18 Mar 2024

When the Royal Society of Chemistry began to tackle the barriers to disabled entrants to the profes…

Translating to liquid assets

Added: 18 Mar 2024

Biotech ValiRx’s new spin-out prompted its evolution from a virtual operation to encompass wet labs…

A vision beyond gold

Added: 11 Mar 2024

Little more than a year since its win at the Lab Awards, Cytecom has secured an NIHCR contract to t…

Unravelling the secrets of RNA

Added: 4 Mar 2024

Advancing scientific knowledge of plant structures not only improves crop yields but also helps tre…

Farm to gutter: Genomic surveillance to track AMR

Added: 4 Mar 2024

Governments are waking up to the dangers presented by antimicrobial resistance but the focus on cli…

Stat… fact… friction?

Added: 19 Feb 2024

Do the figures speak for themselves? Rarely, warns Russ Swan.

Million dollar beep

Added: 19 Feb 2024

Digital hackers may be the bigger threat but don’t overlook the need for safeguards against more co…

Keep it clean

Added: 5 Feb 2024

Chemical disinfectants are hazardous to lab staff, and if discharged into the wastewater, pose a he…

Starry, starry night

Added: 5 Feb 2024

After just three years, the Lab Awards has come of age with a standalone event, a record number of …

Bacteriophage therapies: exciting but not new

Added: 18 Jan 2024

Recent interest in this area of antibacterial treatments neglects the fact it has a substantial his…

Fit for purpose

Added: 15 Jan 2024

There’s nothing arcane about furniture modularity, in fact it’s intrinsic to plans for creating a s…

Hearing’s the cue for wearing

Added: 8 Jan 2024

Feedback matters for any medical technology developer. When it comes to wearable devices, listening…

Scents-ibly sustainable

Added: 8 Jan 2024

Rather than plundering scarce natural resources, Glasgow University scientists Hua Wang and Sofia S…

Turning down the heat

Added: 4 Dec 2023

Selecting the right cold storage for academic laboratories is a challenge, acknowledges Rob Fowler,…

Game Theory: Viral

Added: 27 Nov 2023

Turner and Robinson embrace their dark side in Viral to play the bad guys.