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Sea salt

Surrey makes history with two pinches of salt

Added: 19 Feb 2024

Scientists at the University of Surrey are claiming a first with their observations on the effects …

EnsiliTech wins contract to develop ‘freezer-free’ global mRNA vaccine

Added: 28 Jan 2024

EnsiliTech, the University of Bath spin-out pioneering new methods of transporting medicines and fo…

AI responsibility remains in our hands, warns Ri Christmas Lecturer

Added: 18 Dec 2023

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for better decision making but the ‘ethical buck’ stops …


Turing helps connect swimming sperm with zebra stripes

Added: 16 Oct 2023

What is the connection between swimming sperm and the spots on a leopard or the stripes on a zebra?…

Quantum go-‘slow’ allows first view of chemical process

Added: 29 Aug 2023

Sydney university researchers have scored a scientific first by employing a quantum computer to obs…

Plastic recycling

Scottish researchers seek to turn plastic waste into pharmaceuticals

Added: 30 Jul 2023

A new project led by Scottish researchers is aiming to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry by…

Lab Innovations 2023 opens for visitor registration

Added: 10 Jul 2023

Lab Innovations has officially opened visitor registration for its upcoming event on November 1 and…

Algorithmic advance opens door for predicting Net Zero-friendly material structures

Added: 9 Jul 2023

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have claimed a significant advance in the development of …

RSC diversity programme numbers soar

Added: 3 Jul 2023

The Royal Society of Chemistry has recorded a 38% rise in the number of students on its programme t…

CHEMUK 2023 sees 41% attendance rise

Added: 23 May 2023

CHEMUK 2023 saw a year on year rise of 41% in visitor attendance to the recent show at the NEC in B…

Rare mineral project offers means to tackle acid effect on ocean life

Added: 29 Jan 2023

Scientists at Heriot-Watt and Hamburg universities say they have developed a process to boost ocean…

Automated material analysis offers cut to cost and human error 

Added: 4 Dec 2022

Researchers in Japan have developed a method to automate a mathematical procedure used to analyse X…

Jha and Rannard headline at Lab Innovations

Added: 31 Oct 2022

Economist science correspondent Alok Jha and leading academic and spin-out pioneer Dr Steve Rannard…

Bibby scientific give school children an experimental experience at british science week

CCDC grants aim to inspire tomorrow’s structural chemistry pioneers

Added: 11 Sep 2022

One of the world’s leading resources for structural chemistry, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Cent…

Liquid platinum catalyst offers sustainable solution for industry

Added: 27 Aug 2022

Australian scientists say they have found a way to employ platinum as a potentially scalable indust…


Synthetic polymers offer means to bypass gene editing for biocatalysis

Added: 20 Aug 2022

Scientists believe they have found a way to improve the efficiency of biocatalysis by avoiding the …

UWS’s third venture aims for fat returns from thin films

Added: 13 Aug 2022

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is aiming to tap into the country’s reputation as a ma…


Leading chemical and utility firms join RSC polymer sustainability task force

Added: 3 Jul 2022

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has announced four leading industry recruits have joined its S…

Sustainable concept for wood-based textile fibres

Added: 14 Apr 2022

The 2022 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is awarded to Professor Ilkka Kilpeläinen and Professor Herbert Si…

Scientists develop environmentally safe, frost-resistant coatings

Added: 1 Apr 2022

As the urgency to eradicate environmental pollution increases, many biomaterials are being develope…