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Getting into the lab, via the stomach

Added: 26 Jan 2020

Of all the incentives lab supply companies have in their arsenal – there is one guaranteed way they…

More for less

Added: 17 Jan 2020

From monitoring cow burps to novel herbicides, cutting-edge agricultural science not only aims to f…

Ancient global warming puzzle solved

Added: 14 Jan 2020

Scientists from Cardiff University have shed new light on the Earth’s climate behaviour during the …

Game Theory: Phylo

Added: 20 Dec 2019

Games have never been more popular and in their column Dr Louise Robinson and Dr Ian Turner take us…

Festive footprint

Added: 19 Dec 2019

More than 11,000 scientists have warned of a “catastrophic hothouse Earth” that could result from c…

E.coli engineered to consume CO2

Added: 28 Nov 2019

Synthetic biologists have engineered an autotrophic form of bacteria.

Ethiopian ponds too extreme even for microbes

Added: 25 Nov 2019

European biologists have confirmed the one place on Earth where conditions are too extreme for life…

Ultra-fine particles linked to brain cancer

Added: 14 Nov 2019

Air pollution nanoparticles have been linked to brain cancer for the first time.

Win: Every Breath You Take

Added: 11 Nov 2019

Air quality specialist Dr Mark Broomfield combines the latest research with personal insight to ans…

Wellcome leads genome-mapping project

Added: 8 Nov 2019

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is among 10 organisations that are part of a project to map genomes o…

11,000 scientists declare climate emergency

Added: 6 Nov 2019

More than 11,000 scientist signatories support new a paper warning of “untold human suffering” that…

Time to reconcile science and philosophy

Added: 4 Nov 2019

Despite close historical ties, philosophy and science have had a bumpy relationship in the modern e…

UK government withdraws fracking support

Added: 4 Nov 2019

The government has withdrawn its support of fracking in England until further scientific evidence i…

Pushing the lithium-ion limit

Added: 29 Oct 2019

As the global demand for consumer electronics, electric cars and renewable energy rise, the need fo…

A bad acid trip

Added: 21 Oct 2019

Ocean acidifcation, the lesser known relative of global warming, causes particular damage to coral …

Wellcome Trust on the hunt for best public engagement

Added: 16 Oct 2019

The Wellcome Trust has launched an initiative to find the best examples of public engagement projec…

Deep Carbon Observatory quantifies carbon emissions

Added: 8 Oct 2019

Humanity’s annual carbon emissions are between 40 to 100 times greater than all volcanic emissions,…

AMR threat found in urban beaches

Added: 2 Oct 2019

An Australian study has found elevated levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ABR) in public beac…

SERC experiments show CO2 stunts wetlands

Added: 27 Sep 2019

While CO2 is essential for plant growth, excessive CO2 in the atmosphere is stunting growth in mars…

Game Theory: Bone Wars

Added: 23 Sep 2019

Games have never been more popular and in their column Dr Louise Robinson and Dr Ian Turner, take u…