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Lab Babble: Swan’s Goosey gander

Added: 20 Nov 2023

Success is never guaranteed, we need to reward doggedness and chance, Russ Swan reminds us.

Bath puts safer water on the map via new OASIS

Added: 12 Nov 2023

A portable water quality monitor developed by University of Bath students aims to enable rapid dete…

Breaking down a breakup

Added: 6 Nov 2023

The seas around Florida provided the opportunity to analyse the movement of the Earth’s crust durin…

Building scientific communities

Added: 6 Nov 2023

The pandemic delivered a temporary setback to the face-to-face conference but spurred interest in h…

New map of UK 20th century land use throws light on biodiversity change

Brian Attwood | Added: 30 Oct 2023

The first map has been produced that can detail how nearly all of Britain’s lowland meadows and pas…

CGI signs three year Royal Institution Christmas Lectures deal

Added: 29 Oct 2023

The Royal Institution (Ri) has launched a three-year agreement with business consultancy CGI as the…

Material concerns

Added: 2 Oct 2023

After the Titan tragedy, Russ Swan calls for more science, less reckless conjecture.

The root of it

Added: 2 Oct 2023

Seaweed is an intrinsic part of our existence on this planet and it could just be the very thing th…

Getting drastic on plastic

Added: 25 Sep 2023

Our third feature on the Lab innovations My Green Lab/Laboratory News-curated sessions details Labc…

Top brands and rising stars lead Lab Awards 2023 shortlist

Added: 25 Sep 2023

Many of the best known brands and names in the laboratory sector, together with rising stars, are o…

Sheffield scientists aid steel city to lead sector’s transition to greener fuel

Added: 24 Sep 2023

Sheffield's place as a steel industry pioneer could receive a renewed boost as it prepares to lead …

A lighter approach

Added: 18 Sep 2023

The drive to achieve sustainable laboratories affects all areas of operation. After the more obviou…

Plants and particles win Turlings and Shchutska top Swiss science awards

Added: 17 Sep 2023

Biologist Ted Turlings and physicist Lesya Shchutska are this year’s winners of the the two highest…

Relief from scientific community greets Horizon Europe deal

Added: 8 Sep 2023

UK readmission to Horizon Europe and the Copernicus programme has been greeted with widespread reli…

Game Theory: Ocean Pods

Added: 4 Sep 2023

Leicestershire-based Molinarius Games has a water focus. So how does its Ocean Pods board game meas…

Cycling to zero

Added: 4 Sep 2023

Images of workplace pollution and waste usually focus on heavy industry but ignore the sizeable con…

UEA coastal erosion project will test new tech’s predictive powers

Added: 13 Aug 2023

One of the counties most at risk from coastal erosion will provide the location for a technological…

Tax crackdown heralds new R&D relief headaches

Added: 13 Aug 2023

Science research and development tax relief applications will now face an extra hurdle thanks to ne…

Plunging research output holds back UK revival claims report

Added: 6 Aug 2023

The UK’s research infrastructure and funding system must be radically overhauled in order to improv…

IET football tournament’s out of this world

Added: 3 Aug 2023

Moon Rovers 2: Lunar United 3. While it sounds like Fantasy Football, it could be one day as feasib…