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Roll over Indiana Jones - the modern archeologist comes armed with technology

Looking into the past never looked so futuristic as it does today, and the Indiana Jones-style stereotype - with his muck-ridden, dirt digging, tomb raiding archeology - must make way for the lab-coa…

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Climate change causes in question - weather system interference may displace carbon emissions as key factor

The green economy may be in trouble as new research - described by experts as a 'meteoroligical tour de force' and policy makers as 'too hot to handle' - suggests carbon emission control may NOT be t…

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Planet Earth: A user’s guide

In the 2020 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, three expert scientists from different fields will reveal some hidden wonders of the Earth and explore human impact on our planet. In anticipation of…


A real chemical showman

Science populariser and chemist extraordinaire Andrea Sella will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Lab Innovations. We caught up with him to talk brave graduate students, historical apparatus and t…

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Water droplet

This amazing image – Crack Patterns I, by Thomas Séon – shows a water droplet falling onto a silicon substrate at -36°C...