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Churchill grant now open for science

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has this year included science, technology and engineering as topics to be supported with overseas research grants available to all UK citizens.

These are travel grants that fund individuals to research innovative ideas and best practice overseas, then bring their global insights back to the UK and make change happen in their professions and communities. Fellowships are available in 12 fields of interest, including the Science category.

Julia Weston, Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, said: “Britain is a world leader in science and technology, though public engagement with science is low. These Churchill Fellowships will fund new ideas in any area of science, technology and engineering. We are also looking for ideas for ensuring public debate and policy-making are science-literate. These Churchill Fellowships will fund people who are inspired to seek new solutions in science, technology and engineering and keen to make change happen.”

The Science category will fund Fellows to explore new thinking aimed at strengthening evidence-based public debate and decision-making, or communicating science to the public in any media.

Churchill Fellows are funded to research new ideas overseas for 4-8 weeks, in topics and countries of their own choice, with the aim of gaining fresh perspectives and insights that can make a difference to their community or profession back home.

Applications can be made online at www.wcmt.org.uk deadline for applications is 18 September 2018.

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